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Discover with our team what makes us different and what you gain when you join us.


By the way: In the videos you will hear real, personal stories from our employees. Of course, we did the film production ourselves - we really are something different.

We are heroines, supermen and all-rounders.

"Really, Samareh?"

Well that would be nice. You won’t find these characters at our organisation and we make no effort to hide that. Of course, we ourselves are real fans of our work and our teams. But we want to get even better, with your help:



Apply for your new credit card with a maximum of five clicks? Conclude a leasing contract by mobile phone? Sounds like the future and is therefore exactly our thing. Because innovations really spur us on.



Processes. Approval procedures. System landscapes...; we can improve here, we know. And we also know how in almost every case. And we’re going to tackle that now, with you.


In other words: Nobody’s perfect, not even us. Feel free to talk to us about it. We love straight talk.  

Our contribution to a stable personal and professional foundation.

"Really, Walter?"

Indeed. You can’t tap into your full potential until you’re happy at work and in your personal life. That’s what we believe at Cembra.


In German, the word “bank” is feminine. But that’s not the reason why we want to appoint more and more women to leadership positions. We know that a good mix at all levels is important.


Part-time work? A minimum of 80% working time is possible in most of our positions. And thanks to our flexible working hours model, you can work up to 60% of the time from home.


Eating well is important. In our staff restaurant in Zurich, you can get balanced and sustainable lunch menus at low prices. And in our branches, up to CHF 1,860 in meal credits per year. And if you prefer to exercise during your lunch break, there’s a fully equipped gym in Zurich that’s free to use.


The cantonal child care allowance is nice. But we think it could be a little more. That’s why we top it up to 3,000 francs a year.

Truly different.

"Really, Davide?"

Yes, really. But it's not that easy to describe what we mean – you have to experience it. 


We do what every bank pretty much does: We support people with their money matters. To be successful in this, we don’t rely on glossy brochures and fake friendliness, but on real people.


Since we're neither big nor small, we have to roll up our sleeves, even in leadership positions. Strategically, conceptually, operationally – it's the combination that counts.


We have an exciting past and a promising future.


We design the most intuitive offerings in consumer finance and consistently adopt the customer's perspective. This creates the freedom to leave the beaten path and contribute your own ideas.

 A cool team that does cool things.

"Really, Sprint Team?"

Yes, really. Because having fun in a team and taking responsibility for our customers and society go together perfectly.


The secret to our success? We’re genuine. We support people with their money matters in an uncomplicated and sustainable way. That gives them a genuinely good feeling and forges bonds.


Our success builds on many languages and cultures. People from over 40 nations pull together here.


The Cembra BBQ's or our Christmas party are legendary. But there are some areas where we don't play around. For example, when it comes to data protection, compliance, or our customers in general.

Your line managers? Really good.

"Really, Zainab?"

Yes, of course, because your supervisors are direct yet fair and take time for you. They aren't afraid to point to areas for improvement while above all promoting your strengths.


Our managers are real doers and set a good example. At least that's what our employees said in an anonymous survey – so there must be something to it.


We appreciate it when you move forward and try new things out. Mistakes can happen – it’s normal. We'll address them openly and will cover your back.


Good leaders are not born. That’s why we encourage, train and support them. With regular “Coaching for Leaders” or a training course on “Positive Leadership”, for example.

The career doors are open here.

"Really, Diana?"

Absolutely. You just have to go through them yourself – there's no such thing as a free lunch here either. If you are entrepreneurial and have perseverance, you can be sure of our full support.  


Very good working conditions await you here. You’ll receive a personal onboarding and a smooth integration. This will help you to settle in well and get started straight away.


What we promise you: Real opportunities to grow on the job and advance your career.


If you put the work in, we offer you true prospects. Because you are crucial to our success.

Our benefits

Up to 60% home office

Add holiday days directly to your shopping basket

Buy 5 or 10 vacation days per calendar year

Vitality programme

From canoeing to boxing

Free gym

In the branches up to CHF 300 towards your subscription

External social counselling

For anything that's worrying you


Supporting employees who help others

Family benefit 

Up to CHF 3,000 per year

Wedding or birth?

Wonderful, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts and give you CHF 500

Maternity leave of 6 months

From the 5th year of employment

Rail Check

CHF 600 per year

Really good food for little money in our staff restaurant 

In the branches up to CHF 1,860 per year

Healthy pension fund

Choose from three different savings plans each year

Informal mentoring 

Learning and growing together - through collegial and cross-network support


A few insights.


Want to know a little more about us? Great - we'll be happy to tell you some exciting stories from our everyday life.

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